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VIDEO: You Can’t Trust the NRDC on Bottled Water



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On Point: The Truth About Online Gambling

Michelle Minton explores why government shouldn't treat gambling as if we lived in the Old West.



On Point: Poker as a Game of Skill

Adam Ross illustrates the intricacies of Poker revealing that it is a game of skill and will power.



Bottled Water and the Overflowing Nanny State

In her study Angela Logomasini's analyzes how misinformation about bottled water erodes consumer freedom.




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January and February's issue feartures:

-The Third Way Has Failed -- Fred Smith

-A New Year’s Wish --Sam Kazman

-Obama Preview: World Trade -- Frances B. Smith

-Obama Preview: Environment -- Iain Murray


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Don't Let Judges Tear Up Mortgage Contracts

Todd Zywicki featured in The Wall Street Journal



Take climate change off the agenda

Chris Horner featured in The National Post




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National Underwriter -- Eli Lehrer & Michelle Minton



TechDirt -- Ryan Radia



Dcexaminer -- Marlo Lewis



BestWire -- Michelle Minton


CNSNews -- Sam Kazman


CQ Politics -- Fred L. Smith



Sarasota Herald Tribune Online -- Eli Lehrer



TMCNet.com -- Michelle Minton



Florida Real Estate Journal -- Michelle Minton & Christian R. Camara



Telegram.com -- John Berlau



Motor Age -- Sam Kazman




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Obama’s Futile Attempts at Foreclosure Avoidance

by John Berlau

"The new $75 billion foreclosure avoidance plan to be unveiled today by President Obama, from initial reports, continues the misguided efforts of the Bush administration and Congress to 'keep people in their homes' at all costs. Such policies only end up disserving taxpayers, the economy, and frequently troubled borrowers themselves."



Just How Much is $13 Trillion?

by Cord Blomquist

"Regardless of your political party or ideological leanings, the notion of the federal government spending $2 trillion, adding to the national debt of nearly $11 trillion already, should make you stop and consider the staggering size of our national tab."



Inflation Fears Propel Gold Prices

by Silvia Santacruz

"Inflation may be an unintended consequence of the President’s spending-focused plan, but investors’ opportunity to invest in the mining sector may just be a silver – or gold – lining in an otherwise cloudy setting."



Wyeth v. Levine: Policy Arguments Regarding Preemption

by Bert Rein

"The Wyeth v. Levine case presents a narrow set of facts in which the Food and Drug Administration had, for many years, known about the risks presented by intravenous push injection of Phenergan and worked with the manufacturer to carefully word the label description of this risk."



Chapter 13 could be your lucky number

by Fran Smith

"The 'Helping Families Save Their Homes in Bankruptcy Act of 2009' . . . On a fast track now in both the House and the Senate, the legislation would allow homeowners in Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization plans to completely rewrite the terms of their mortgage contract."



What would it mean to have no “environmental footprint”?

by Wayne Crews

"As this article over at the Ayn Rand Institute points out, the more 'eco-friendly' you try to live, the more apparent the contradictions in that green philosophy become."





LibertyWeek Episode 30: Whole Lott-a Love

We start with the end of the U.S. economy as we have known it: the $790 billion economic stimulus plan and its chilling consequences. We take note of Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit’s pledge to work for $1 a year and celebrate some good news with Alabama’s plan to legalize beer with a higher alcohol content than most wines. We then enlist our listeners to defend against the War on St. Valentine’s Day and move on to Scandal Watch: Judd Gregg edition.



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The highlight of our program comes with our interview with writer, raconteur and bon vivant around town Jeremy Lott. He talks about his book, The Warm Bucket Brigade: The Story of the American Vice Presidency, about Presidents’ Day and the best lunch to pack when hunting with Sarah Palin. Jeremy also takes on the much-anticipated Cool v. Drool Vice Presidential Snap Judgment Lightning Round.