NetRight Daily: The Rant of the Year

Rick Santelli and the "Rant of the Year": In this video, Rick Sentelli (a reporter at CNBC) is live on the floor at the Chicago Stock Exchange where he rallies traders against bailouts and the "stimulus".


2076--Can America Make It?: More than perhaps any other nation in human history, the United States of America needs to brush up on its own history. After all, a Republic founded 233 years ago in defiance of fiscal tyranny has once again succumbed to it – only this time we have no one to blame but ourselves.


We are Driving Ourselves into a Depression: Dr. Ron Paul explains the states the problems with the Government attempting to fix the economy.


Back to You, Mr. Jefferson: It’s reassuring to know that Americans are still willing to “fight the good fight” for what Thomas Jefferson termed “the true foundation of republican government”: personal property rights.


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