CEI on Obama's Address to Congress

As President Obama addresses Congress and the nation tonight the Competitive Enterprise Institute's policy experts will be giving you their thoughts on the true state of our economic union and how to improve it. Visit our blog at OpenMarket.org to see CEI commentary before, during, and after Mr. Obama's speech.

Also, be sure to check out energy policy analyst William Yeatman's reaction to the criticism of George F. Will's recent column on climate change. Will's column contained some minor errors, but as Yeatman points out, climate alarmists—like President Obama’s choice to become White House Science Adviser—are guilty of errors, exaggerations, and misrepresentations of climate science.


Read Yeatman's full commentary at:


Mr. Obama's remarks begin at 9:01pm EST and will be streaming live at whitehouse.gov.

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Cord Blomquist

Senior Communications Director

Competitive Enterprise Institute