NetRight Daily: Obama's Big Speech

Obama's Big Speech: For those who were around their TV sets tonight, our great and glorious leader descended form the heavens to defend his first month of legislative actions. From the stimulus to curing cancer, all wrongs are going to be fixed. After listening to his speech, one might wonder if there is anything right in this country today.


Mere Monopoly Money: President Obama yesterday declared at his much-ballyhooed Fiscal “Responsibility” Summit that “We've got a lot of hard choices to make.” And staring at a $10.7 trillion national debt and at least a $1.2 trillion budget deficit just for 2009 in the eye, he is right.


Capitol South: This week's edition of Capitol South from our own William Warren.


9,000 Earmarks in the Omnibus Bill: You want earmarks? There are lots and lots and lots of earmarks in the $410 billion omnibus spending bill coming down the road. Not that any of the people who are going to vote for it will actually read it, of course. If they did, they couldn’t look into the camera and sanctimoniously declare that, uh, you know, “There are no earmarks.”


ALG Hails Idaho Supreme Court: Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government, hailed the Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision in Ysursa v. Pocatello Education Association. “We at ALG are extremely gratified that the Supreme Court agreed with us,” said Wilson.