SEIU - Thousands Ready to Make Obama's Health Care Plan a Reality

Concord, NH –While addressing a Joint Session of Congress tonight, President Obama outlined his plan to fix our economy by solving our nation’s health care crisis. For New Hampshire’s working families, his call to action comes not a moment too soon. Granite Staters are building bipartisan grassroots support to make sure President Obama’s plan, to fix America’s health care system, becomes a reality.


New Hampshire’s health insurance premiums continue to skyrocket, with premiums increasing by 78.9% since 2000. As unemployment rises and costs climb, thousands are at risk of losing their coverage. The increasing demand for support is straining the state’s budget, while increasing costs are forcing parents to choose between keeping their families healthy or keeping a roof over their heads.


“We cannot afford to wait – it’s time to fix our broken health care system” said Concord resident, Betty Ward. “We need the support of Congressman Hodes, Congresswoman Shea-Porter, Senator Shaheen, and Senator Gregg to make President Obama’s plan to reform health care a reality. I’m tired of talking, let’s start doing!”


Betty is one of the 80,000 Health Care Voters across the state that have been building a movement of community organizers, nurses, doctors, small business owners, faith-based groups, and seniors who believe it's time we had an American solution that ensures every American has a guarantee of quality, affordable health care.