Shea-Porter Statement on President Obama's State of the Nation Address

“President Obama has once again demonstrated steady and inspiring leadership. The President’s assessment of the state of the nation was both honest and hopeful. President Obama is committed to our nation’s recovery and to a great and prosperous future for America.


It is essential that Congress and the Administration work together to solve our nation’s financial crisis and rebuild our economy. The road ahead is long and we will need to take some other bold steps. In addition to the Recovery Plan that was enacted last week, we have to address the housing crisis, fix our banking system, invest in technology and education, reform our nation’s health care system, and reduce our dependence on oil by increasing our nation’s renewable energy production.


While the challenges we face are great, the State of the Nation continues to be strong.


The policies President Obama laid out tonight will help repair our troubled economy and will improve the lives of people across America. Americans have always been able to triumph over adversity and our spirit remains unbreakable