Workforce Fairness Institute Calls On Andy Stern To Name SEIU 60

Labor Boss Says There Are Enough Senators To End Debate


WASHINGTON, DC (February 25, 2009) – The Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI) today called on Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to name the “SEIU 60” - the 60 sitting Senators who have committed to support the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA) by voting in favor of cloture.

“Andy Stern stated today that he has 60 votes to pass the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act, if so, he should name them. Time and again we have seen Mr. Stern communicate exaggerations and, at times, out and out fabrications of the truth, so he will need to excuse us if we doubt his claim,” said Katie Packer, executive director of the Workforce Fairness Institute. “This is an undemocratic bill that does away with secret ballot protections for workers and mandates government-run binding arbitration, both of which are job killers. And in this fragileeconomy, we believe that many U.S. Senators are hearing from small business owners alarmed by this big labor power grab.”


“Stern also said there are 60 senators who either support the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) or would vote to cut off a filibuster.” (Jill Lawrence, “SEIU Head Andy Stern Predicts Quick Action On Health Care, Card Check,” USA Today, 2/25/09)


A bill to eliminate secret ballot election in the workplace is currently making its way through Congress. Something like this could never happen, right? Actually, it could. Under the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act,” workers, in violation of our Democratic principles, would be denied their American right to a private ballot in union organizing elections in the workplace. Workers would be forced to publicly state their vote -- for everyone to see. This is more appropriately called the FORCED CHOICE ACT and would fundamentally change the rights of employees in the workplace ... it would force unions on them; force contracts on them and force payment of dues on them.


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