CEI Weekly: Nationalizing Like There's No Tomorrow

[VIDEO] John Berlau on Obama’s Mortgage Rescue Plan

John Berlau featured on CNBC



[VIDEO] Marlo Lewis on the Costs of Ethanol

Marlo Lewis featured on Fox News



[RADIO] The Stimulus and Small Buisness

Wayne Crews featured on The Small Buisness



[RADIO] Labor Unions and Washington Playing Favorites

Ivan Osorio featured on the G. Gordon Liddy Show



[RADIO] Obama's Housing Bailout Plan

John Berlau featured on the G. Gordon Liddy Show



[RADIO] The Impact of Obama's Climate Plans on the Economy

Iain Murray featured on the G. Gordon Liddy Show



[PODCAST] The Flare-Up over Facebook’s Revised Terms of Use

Ryan Radia featured on Tech Policy Weekly


The Green Jobs Scam – And Confusion

Iain Murray featured in The DC Examiner



Will A Weak Economy Be Saddled With Greenhouse Gas Regulations?

Iain Murray featured in The Insider



What is Insurance?

Eli Lehrer featured in a Washington Policy Center Policy Brief



It’s Time to Consider the Cost of Regulation

Wayne Crews featured in Real Clear Markets



Green Glitterati High on California Scheming

William Yeatman and Jeremy Lott featured in The DC Examiner



The Auto Bailout We Need

Featured in the Financial Post




>>CEI in the News

Yahoo Finance -- Myron Ebell




>>Best of the Blogs

End Run to a Regulatory Morass

by William Yeatman

"They are trying to get the Environmental Protection Agency to find that greenhouse gas emissions are 'pollutants' that 'endanger' public welfare, a ruling that automatically results in regulation under the Clean Air Act. This is not a good thing. As noted by my colleague Marlo Lewis . . .it would result in a regulatory nightmare."



The Energy Tax Budget

by Iain Murray

"Even if you have two income earners in the household, you will likely lose money from these stealth energy taxes. So will the average household earning between $35,000 and $55,000. So much for 'not one dime.'”



Nobody Messes with The Dow

by Silvia Santacruz

"Investors, it seems, are voting with their feet and disapprove of the manner in which the economy is being handled. Concerned investors are also seeking safe haven assets including precious metals like gold. Not only do they want to pour their money into gold futures on the commodity exchanges, but some are willing to incur the expenses and trouble of physically taking the precious metal into their possession"



Dambisa Moyo: Zambian Author Takes on Foreign Aid

by Ivan Osorio

"Remittances, which are private and voluntary, and thus can respond to recipients’ needs better than any bureaucratically administered aid program ever could. Moreover, as the current issue of The Economist notes, they can reach those in most need during lean times, because they 'are less dependent on the growth prospects of receiving countries than other kinds of flows, which seek profitable investment opportunities.'"



Foreclosure and the ‘forgotten man’ in Obama’s SOTU speech

by John Berlau

"Yet the bankruptcy 'cramdown' –in which bankruptcy judges can reduce payments and modify mortgage contracts in lieu of the foreclosure that both parties agreed to as a remedy for default — as well as policies encouraging banks to ignore their contracts to the investors who own the mortgages will prevent investors from having their contracts honored. Right now, there is a vicious villification campaign targeted at William Frey, an investor in mortgage-backed securities who is suing Countrywide Financial for modifying mortgages without regard to investor interest."


Coming Soon: A Predatory, Anti-Business Federal Trade Commission?

by Wayne Crews

"Let’s just take net neutrality for now. There are plenty reasons I think it’s an outrage to regulate price and access on networks and infrastructure; but just for the moment, the entire concept rests upon numerous (I often feel deliberate, in my less-charitable moods) misperceptions or misrepresentations about competitive markets and capitalism"





Episode 31: What in Dodd’s Name?

We take a whiff of the bank nationalizations floating through the air, and say they stink. Sen. Chris Dodd’s dodgy dealings in real estate come under scrutiny. Rep. John Murtha has a few multi-million dollar skeletons hiding in his own, heavily gilded, closet. Climate czar Carol Browner declares war on the economy. While favoring immigration in general, our hosts question the wisdom of “eco-migration.” Finally, we wish double-amputee Olympic hopeful Oscar Pistorius a speedy recovery.



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