Granite State Fair Tax Coalition Organizes Forum on NH Tax Structure

Winchester, NH-The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition has worked with local representatives and citizens to organize a forum that will examine some of the revenue proposals being discussed in the New Hampshire General Court this year.

Who: Granite State Fair Tax Coalition

What: Revolted by the Property Tax? A Community Forum

Where: Ruth Coffin Room, E L M Memorial Community Center, 20-21 Durkee St.,
Winchester, NH

When: March 5, 2009, at 7 PM

Why: To have a broad level conversation about the fairest mode of raising revenue. Different proposals will be discussed.

The representatives of Hinsdale, Winchester, and Chesterfield will be in attendance. Invited panelists and participants include Mark Fernald; Rep. Jessie Osborne; Rep. Dennis Vachon; Rep. Andrew Peterson; Rep. Chris Hamm; Rep. Kris Roberts; Rep. Jill Shaffer Hammond; and Senator Molly Kelly. The Coalition's Field Organizer will moderate.

The Town of Swanzey has a warrant article that reads, "We the citizens of this state believe in a New Hampshire that is just and fair. The property tax has become unjust and unfair. State leaders who take a pledge for no new taxes perpetuate higher and higher property taxes. We call on our State Representatives, our State Senator and our Governor to reject the "Pledge," have an open discussion covering all options, and adopt a revenue system that lowers property taxes." Citizens in over 70 communities passed this resolution and eleven more, including Swanzey, will take it up on March 10, which is Town Election Day.

"Our group does not favor any one legislative proposal, but rather hopes that all options will remain on the table for discussion," said Rev. William Exner, who is chairman of the board for the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition. "We are just looking for the fairest way to meet the state's obligations. Liberals and conservatives agree that more property taxes would be painful and bad policy." Only 3% of people support an increase in the property tax, according to a recent UNH Granite Poll-down fifty percent from two years ago.

All are welcome.

The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition (GSFTC) will also be hosting a forum, featuring GSFTC board member Mark Fernald and GSFTC field organizer Alexander Lee, in Strafford, NH, on Monday, March 2, at 7 PM. The forum will be held at the new Strafford Town Hall. This 25-minute screening, followed by Q&A, focuses on the unfairness and inequity of continued reliance on the property tax. Light refreshments available. For more information contact Rep. Bob Perry at 269-4651.



Launched in December 2006, the Coalition is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational organization comprised of partners that include the League of Women Voters NH, the NH Council of Churches, the NH State Employees Association and other organizations and individuals working to educate NH residents on the causes and effects of rising property taxes. More information about the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition -- including a 25-minute video on the history of tax fairness in New Hampshire - can be found at the Coalition's website,