GSDP - NH Dairy Farmers Announce that MILK is now the “Official” beverage of NH High School Athletics

Granite State Dairy Promotion is excited to announce its partnership with the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA), making milk the official beverage of New Hampshire high school athletics.


Patrick Corbin, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association states, “The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association is proud and pleased to become a partner with Granite State Dairy Promotion.”


Milk is the ultimate fitness drink. It contains protein to build lean muscle, calcium to keep bones strong, electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium and calcium that are lost in sweat and fluids to help with hydration.


Recent studies have found that drinking low fat milk after exercise offered an advantage compared to water or traditional sports drinks when it comes to staying hydrated after strenuous exercise.


“We know from established research milk is not only an important source of key nutrients but it can also help young people develop bone density. The commitment to school based athletics by the NHIAA and Granite State Dairy Promotion is centered on the notion that interscholastic programs not only promote healthy lifestyles and teach important life lessons, but is also the place where healthy living habits are developed. Drinking milk is one such positive habit,” says Corbin.


“The unique nutrient package in milk makes it a superior sports recovery beverage. Milk is packed with vitamins and electrolytes for strong bones, minds and bodies,” said Amy Hall, Director of Granite State Dairy Promotion. “There is no better recovery beverage for athletes.”


“In a day and age where young people and in particular student athletes are being encouraged to consume a variety of drinks that often have questionable nutritional value, endorsing Milk as an important source of nutrition is especially important,” added Corbin.


The partnership between GSDP and the NHIAA will reach thousands of student athletes, parents, coaches and teachers.


Tim Riel, Chairman of GSDP states, “This is a major break for us. I think this is going to be a huge success in targeting the hundreds of kids and parents throughout the year. We are always looking for opportunities to get our message out to a large audience and this is certainly a huge opportunity.”


2009 will likely be a challenging year for many New Hampshire dairy farms. Good news on the promotional end of dairy will hopefully reenergize and boost milk sales.


Lorraine Merrill, Commissioner of Agriculture, Markets & Food and also a New Hampshire dairy farmer, says, “New Hampshire high school athletics couldn’t have chosen a better official drink for young athletes. Milk--including chocolate, low-fat milk--is the perfect sports drink, with a perfect balance of calcium and potassium, protein, vitamins, energy and fast rehydration—and it tastes great.”


Merrill adds, “Now is the time for teens to build bone density for a lifetime by being active and drinking plenty of milk. I am proud to have milk chosen as the official beverage of New Hampshire high school athletics.”