GSP - New Hampshire Is No Place for Backroom Deals

Sen. Gregg Must Choose Between Country and Party Leadership If Offered Commerce Position


Concord, New Hampshire – Granite State Progress has closely followed the possibility of Senator Judd Gregg becoming the next Secretary of the United States Department of Commerce. In response to Governor Lynch’s press statement regarding how to handle the possibility of a vacant U.S. Senate seat, Granite State Progress is issuing the following statement:


“President Obama is extending his hand across party lines to put our country back on track, but Judd Gregg is instead playing partisan politics by demanding Gov. Lynch appoint a Republican in his place,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress. “If President Obama offers him a position in the new Administration, Sen. Gregg needs to decide whether he puts his country or the Republican leadership first.


“Governor Lynch’s job is to appoint the person who best represents the interests and values of New Hampshire voters. Sen. Gregg shouldn’t make Governor Lynch bend to backroom political deals for a seat that would otherwise be elected by the people of New Hampshire.


“In November, New Hampshire voters clearly indicated the kind of change they want to see. It is the most current, statewide indicator of the New Hampshire electorate and Governor Lynch must use it to fill any vacant U.S. Senate seat.”


Granite State Progress launched a sign-on letter for citizens who’d like to send a supportive message to Governor Lynch to choose the person who will best represent the values of the people of New Hampshire. It reads, in part: “As our Governor, we support your right to appoint the person who best represents the interests and values of New Hampshire voters to the vacant U.S. Senate seat.”


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