Statement by Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta on the passing of Marshall Cobleigh

MANCHESTER (February 2, 2009) – “The death of former New Hampshire House Speaker Marshall Cobleigh is a devastating one that creates a great loss in the state’s political world. He is someone that regaled everyone he met, regardless of party affiliation, with stories of his time at the State House, of his run for Congress, and of all of the interesting people that he met during his life.


“He was a constant presence in Manchester, often next to former Mayor and current Executive Councilor Ray Wieczorek. Marshall believed in loyalty, and between the two of them, that loyalty was constant and appreciated. He also believed in fiscal conservatism and, while the story about carrying hamburger with him during his Congressional race is legendary, it shows the lengths he would go to prove a point.


“However, his two most important contributions to the state were his stalwart defense of the New Hampshire Primary and his appointment of women to important legislative positions. Donna Sytek, a pioneer in her own right in being the state’s first female Speaker, credits Marshall for being ‘ahead of his time’ on such an important issue.


“With his passing, we lose a political icon, but his influence will be remembered long after today.”