GSP - New Hampshire Voters to Gov. Lynch: NO DEAL

Granite State Progress delivers over 120 letters of support to the Governor’s office


Concord – Concord, New Hampshire – Granite State Progress delivered over 120 letters of support to Governor Lynch’s office today, calling for him to reject Sen. Gregg’s backroom deal and instead choose a people-powered U.S. Senator.


The 120-plus letters were collected in less than 24 hours and call on the Governor to re-consider any deal and look at the best candidate for the job. The message reads, in part: “As our Governor, we support your right to appoint the person who best represents the interests and values of New Hampshire voters to the vacant U.S. Senate seat.”


“People in New Hampshire hold Governor Lynch in high regard and understand the precarious situation he has been put in,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress. “Sen. Gregg had to decide whether he puts his country or the Republican leadership first. He chose the Republican Party and put our Governor in a tough spot.”


“It’s clear from these letters that people in New Hampshire want the U.S. Senate selection to be open and transparent,” Rice Hawkins said. “Furthermore, if Governor Lynch really feels that he must appoint a Republican, he should look beyond former Gregg staffers and at people who have experience in elected office.”


Granite State Progress is concerned about the rumored appointment of Bonnie Newman, who once worked in Judd Gregg’s congressional office. Newman has an impressive resume, but her lack of experience in public policy is concerning and she has little demonstrated experience working across party lines.


“If Governor Lynch feels that he must appoint a Republican, he needs to find a person who has experience as an elected official, works well with both parties and can effectively represent New Hampshire,” Rice Hawkins said. “The only person to fit that description so far is former State Rep. Liz Hager.”