Americans: “Use Your Voice!”


Washington, D.C. February 4, 2009 - (ASO) announces today the launch of a nation-wide online and grassroots Movement of Americans committed to basic freedoms. invites all Americans to get up, get involved, use their voice, and speak their minds. America, this is your place to use your voice, tell a friend, and speak on whatever issues matter most. Join the conversation. Together we can make this Nation a better place. believes that ours is not a nation of red and blue states, but rather a nation of free Americans seeking to engage and let our voices be heard.


This site will provide a forum for all Americans to connect, share opinions on the news and important issues, and become part of a national dialogue to exercise American freedoms. Members of this Movement will debate freedoms such as freedom of speech, freedom from debt and excessive taxation, freedom to vote without intimidation, freedom to raise a family and pursue the American Dream, freedom from socialized banks/healthcare/auto industry, freedom of unions to vote privately, freedom from compounding debt currently being contemplated by Congress.


“This Nation is facing critical decisions that will shape not only our futures but the futures of our children and grandchildren. Without the participation of all Americans, others will speak on our behalf.” -- Megan McGreal, ASO spokesperson.


This site will feature interactive and video blogs, instant polling, video contests, and web events, a source for news headlines and opinion pieces, and grow the Movement through all of the major social networking tools. It will provide a forum for users to speak their minds, debate, share ideas, inject humor into politics, grow future leaders, promote the ideals of a freeAmerica, and get involved in their communities.


In addition to tying the country together for debate and dialogue online, will be traveling to all 50 states to grow the Movement. Concerts, rallies, neighborhood gatherings, town-hall meetings all will be featured as part of this effort. will call on Americans to get involved in their communities, become leaders, and be a voice for freedom.


America, this Movement is yours. Join the conversation, share links, upload videos, become a local leader, get involved, speak up, speak out, and most importantly, AmericaSpeakOn! is a 501(c)(4) national grassroots movement dedicated to promoting public policies that protect the right of Americans to engage in free speech and vigorous public debate.