NetRight Daily: The Stimulus Is Upon Us

Six Degrees of Separation to Stop the Stimulus: Many activists are already taking to the phones, calling their respective Senators in Washington, urging them to reject the “stimulus.” But that is not enough. There is more that can be done, and those activists are working on Senators outside of their home states.

National Center for Public Policy Research on Stimulus: "The adage 'haste makes waste' applies to Obama's massive stimulus plan. In response to our economic crisis the liberal majority is rushing to spend taxpayer money without regard to the consequences of its plan. We've seen this movie before - when Congress panics, taxpayers suffer. Just a few months ago, billions were spent on TARP with little effect on the economy.

Kicking Daschle While He's Down: They say you should never kick a man when he is down. Well, not to be flippant, but I’ve never paid much attention to “they.” And the fact is, Tom Daschle is no ordinary man. The now former HHS nominee and admitted tax cheat is a bare-knuckle politician who makes former heavyweight Chuck Webner (he of “My three best punches were the choke hold, the rabbit punch and the head butt” fame) look like the Marquis de Queensbury.

Today's cartoon is... Oops!