Heritage Foundation - Research on the Trillion Dollar Borrow and Spend Plan

The United States Senate isconsidering a so-called economic stimulus bill full of pork projects and approximately 30 NEW government programs. The Senate’s proposed big government borrow and spend bill has a price tag of $900 billionin new debt, andit will cost the taxpayers an additional $347 billion in interest payments over the next 10 years. That is the same as giving every man, woman and child in the United States nearly $3,000 now, and then billing them $1400 later - just to pay the interest.


Even more troubling than the earmarked spending is that this legislation is largely a down payment on a liberal agenda. It establishes 32 new government programs at a cost of $136 billion and provides billions of dollars in new health care spending thatis desgignated topropelus towardgovernment run health care.


In response,The Heritage Foundationworked with Senator Jim DeMint to offer an alternative plan that focuses on economic growth by leaving tax dollars in the productive areas of the economy. Heritage analysts produced several supporting papers on this plan, including positive impacts on families and businesses.


Heritage, in coordination with many other conservative organizations, created www.readthestimulus.org. This website allows you to search the proposals from the House and Senate to spend over $1 trillion of your tax dollars.


In this update, I want to provide you with links to arm yourself with all the information you need to educate yourself, your circle of influence, and even share withyour elected officials.


DeMint Alternative Research:


Sustainable Economic Stimulus: Repeal Capital Gains and Dividend Taxes
The "American Option" Is Good for Small Business
Stimulus Plan Should Include Pro-Growth Tax Relief for Families in Every State
Big Gains for the Automakers from Senator Jim DeMint's "American Option

Building a Better Stimulus Bill


Heritage StimulusResearch


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Senate Stimulus Bill Would Provide 300,000 Jobs for Illegal Immigrants

Stimulus Bill Should Not Bail Out Irresponsible States
An Earmark by Any Other Name Is Still an Earmark


Blog posts from State Policy Network Allies:

State Stimulus Bailout Already Covering Up Incompetence(ME)
PA Governor Wants Federal Aid He Doesn’t Need
Say No to Bailout of State Budgets(WA)
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Heritage Foundry Blog Posts on the Stimulus:

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Other resources:


A chart of state by state spending from the Wall Street Journal

$5.3 billion for ACORN from Red County


I hope you find this information helpful as you talk with others about this plan that is certain to grow government, but not stimulate the economy.


Mark Kelly
Strategic Policy Outreach Manager
Coalition Relations
The Heritage Foundation