Political Chowder - Feb. 8 with Landrigan, King, Newman, Carney and Economist Newberry

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part one - As the party churns

Obama starts the political cascade:
Taps Gregg for Commerce, Lynch makes a deal, taps Newman for Senate (temporarily, she says)
The campaigns begin: Hodes to Senate, Shea-Porter to ????, Lynch to ????, Swett to ????, Fernald to ????, Kuster to ????, Bass to ????, Sununu to ????, Guinta to ????, .....

Make marriage not civil unions
no money = budget cuts
The take away from Daschle's demise
White House to bypass Commerce on Census... Gregg's record already a problem.

part two - How do you define recovery?

CEO salary caps, TARP II, selling the stimulus package


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Part one

Former State Senator and Democratic Candidate for Governor Wayne King
Political Reporter Kevin Landrigan
State House Lobbyist Rick Newman
Republican Consultant Dave Carney

Part two

Stirling Newberry - economist, writer

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