AFP - Call Sen. Gregg and tell him to vote NO on the stimulus scheme

Washington liberals have proposed a trillion dollar stimulus scheme, and we need your help to stop it in the Senate before it’s too late! Even now, liberals are making under-the-table deals and pressuring Republican senators to compromise on this bloated bill.


Tell Senator Judd Gregg to Vote NO on the proposed economic stimulus package.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are using the cover of economic hardship to pursue a permanent increase in the size and scope of government. This is by far the biggest debt package in the country’s history. Every dollar borrowed will have to be paid back with interest, sending our country on the road to bankruptcy.


Liberal Democrats are set to go along with this no-stimulus approach, because the dramatic expansion in government power means a dramatic expansion in their power, at our expense.

Don’t let Senator Gregg be swayed by liberal wolves in sheep’s clothing. We need your help to stop this terrible piece of legislation.


Take action today and tell Senator Judd Gregg to vote NO on this so-called stimulus.


Corey Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity