Daily Grind - Advise and Consent or Just Consent?


ALG News will be conducting an exclusive face-to-face interview with Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. from the 26th Congressional District of Texas tonight at 5PM. Watch the action unfold on Netrightnation.com where the interview will be streaming live. For the last 10 minutes of the interview, Congressman Burgess will take questions from a select group of bloggers. To submit a question, please click here.


The Senate: “Advise and Consent”—Or Just “Consent”?
Does a honeymoon mean that the Senate gives up on its constitutional duty to vet appointed officials?


Capitol South
The Senator has to admit that a question posed by a constituent is above his pay-grade.


The Promise to Pay
Faith in the markets will not be restored until the U.S. government demonstrates it can make good on its promise to pay back its debts.


The Great Destabilization
Mark Steyn asks, “Can America, the engine of the global economy, pull the rest of the world out of the quicksand?”