NH DOC - Prison Warehouse Recognized for Energy Efficiency

Concord, NH) The New Hampshire State Prison warehouse in Concord received an award from Governor’s Excellence in Energy Efficiency Program for taking steps to decrease the amount of water used in the laundry. Governor John Lynch presented the award to Warehouse Superintendent Richard W. Martell and his staff during the annual meeting of the Energy Efficiency in State Government meeting.


Superintendent Martell and his team implemented an ozone injection system into the prison laundry in summer 2008 as a way to better clean the inmates’ uniforms. This system works best in cold water thus decreasing the need to use hot water by 109,000 gallons in the first few months. The Department projects this could save three-million gallons of hot water each year.


Other state agencies including The Division of Juvenile Justice, New Hampshire Hospital, and the Glencliff Home, will soon be following the Department’s lead and implementing this system in their laundry facilities. This system will soon be implemented at all state prison facilities.


Also accepting the award were Corrections Commissioner William L. Wrenn, Administrator of Services Donald R. Andrews, and Director of Administration Robert E. Mullen.