Don'tGo Movement - $25 To Attend The Atlanta Tea Party?

Atlanta Fox News Makes An "Oops"


This morning, Fox News Strategy Room reported that in order to attend the Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party, one would have to pay $25. Immediately, Twitter was on fire and the word was spreading. But Fox News apparently didn't do their homework.

Someone went onto the Tea Party website and noticed that Americans For Prosperity was to be a local co-sponsor for the event in Georgia. They then decided to call up AFP and inquire about "the event." Since AFP was planning a pre-existing event that had nothing to do with the Tea Party events, the staffer began explaining the details of the AFP event which cost $25 to attend (without knowing that the caller was addressing the Tea Party). The person then decided to contact local media affiliates and allege that the Tea Parties are charging people to participate. The Atlanta affiliate of Fox News then decided to roll with the story without doing any sort of fact checking.

National Communications Director Juliana Johnson states, "This is ridiculous. This is yellow journalism at its worst. These kinds of things are what give journalists a bad name. You know, it takes less than 5 minutes to send an email, even less to call me, to inquire about the legitimacy of the person's claim and yet they could not even do that."

There is no charge for any of the Tea Party events and it will stay that way. A conclusion has been reached between DontGo and Fox News.


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