Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta Reaffirms Invitation to City Unions to Come to the Table "for the Sake of Manchester's Taxpayers"

MANCHESTER (March 12, 2009) – Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta reaffirmed his invitation to the 17 unions representing Manchester’s city and school workers to meet with him to discuss the city’s current fiscal crisis. Earlier this week, Mayor Guinta re-invited union leaders to the table after officials boycotted an informational meeting previously scheduled for March 5.


“Throughout this process, I have made it clear that the city is facing grave economic realities, and that I have been open to various options to address this issue,” Guinta said. “Last month, I invited the union leadership to meet with me for an informational meeting to discuss the Fiscal Year 2010 budget. Despite the last-second boycott by union officials, I again offered to meet with them, this time on March 23. I hope and expect that they will meet with me and we can constructively discuss the current situation.”


Mayor Guinta also stated that, as the budget process moves along, he will continue to call for all parties – from his office to the departments and employees – to consider all options to avoid placing further burdens on Manchester’s taxpayers.


“Now is not the time for rhetoric. We must all put aside our personal interests and work collaboratively to protect the interests of Manchester’s taxpayers, whom we all jointly represent. I am committed to keeping an open-mind as I enter these discussions with the unions. I hope they too will enter these discussions in similar fashion,” Guinta said.