Ron Paul Supporters are on "The LIST!"; Will We Go To Jail For Our Political Opinions?

Subject: Secret State Police Report:Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin


In case you are the very last to hear about what AJ dug up for us...


We have independent confirmation that this report is accurate from Catherine Bleish. Here is the chat log she posted which is the quick notes she took during her conversation with the officer who she names at the bottom:


[2:46:43 PM] Catherine Bleish says: "the report itself is a MAC document is real - the actual report itself is an actual report. it is not putting people on a list it is a documentation of trends"


"we have had officers killed by members of militias, so it is a threat"


"we stand by the information in this report"

"goes out to law enforcement in MO and other states subscribed to the newsletters and bullitens we send out - there are centers like this in states all over the country"


"we stand by the information in the bulliten"


mo information analysis center

officer john hotz




Secret State Police Report:
Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin,
Libertarians are Terrorists

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