NetRight Daily: The Left, Hope and Cap and Trade

The Left is Getting Scared: It looks like the left is getting scared that people are waking up and realizing the scam that was the "stimulus". Now that Obama has declared the economic crisis canceled, the left is scared that people like Governor Sanford (R-SC) who have rejected "stimulus" money will expose the "stimulus" bill for what it was worth--nothing!


Who Pays for Cap and Trade? Part II: We don't mind an intellectual fight, and in a nearby letter, two economists at Resources for the Future take aim at our Monday editorial on how the costs of cap and trade will be distributed across regions and income groups. Dallas Burtraw and Richard Sweeney call it "a bait-and-switch argument." Mr. Sweeney added on his blog that "The Wall Street Journal is an idiot."


Whoopi Goldberg on Taxes: Whoopi talks taxes in this video.


Politicians Fiddle While Rome Burns: As the economy continues its downward spiral and hundreds of thousands of join the ranks of the unemployed, Americans may rest easy knowing that our elected officials are hard at work on our behalf.


NetRight Nation Around the Blogs: This week, a lot of content here on NetRight Nation was picked up. Here is a sample of what stories other people thought were good enough to spread around the internet!