NHGOP - Statement on the Merrimack Station Power Plant

CONCORD - Today, former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu released the following statement on the Merrimack Station Power Plant:


“No matter how hard the Democrats try to sound like they have a constructive energy policy, their actions prove they are anti-energy, anti-growth and anti-jobs. The repeated attempts by the House and Senate liberals to force the Merrimack Station Power Plant out of business are perfect examples of the radical and destructive agenda that has been adopted by the New Hampshire Democrat Party. Their actions should serve as a clear indicator for anyone who doubted that the Democrat leadership supports the debilitation of the traditional power sources that supply the majority of New Hampshire residents with cheap and efficient energy.


“This effort to shutter the Merrimack Station is part of a larger effort by the national Democrat Party to abandon our domestic coal as a principal supply of energy. While liberal Democrats in Washington are pushing unreasonably high standards on trace mercury emissions, their comrades in Concord are attempting to implement conflicting restrictions that will make it impossible for the Merrimack Power Plant to meet those standards. We’ve seen the same strategy employed towards other reliable forms of energy such as oil and nuclear power, which Democrats have attempted to block with government regulations, superfluous lawsuits and unfounded scare tactics for the last thirty years.


“If one thing is clear it’s that the liberals in Concord will stop at nothing to implement their radical agenda regardless of the disastrous effects it will have on electrical bills or New Hampshire’s power supply. We can’t let them shut down 40% of New Hampshire’s supply of electricity. The Merrimack Station should be allowed to purchase and install environmental controls to meet the federal standards.”