Cornerstone - Monday Morning Legislative Watch - 3/16/09

Below are the list of bills Cornerstone will be watching for the Week of:
March 16, 2009


Acronym Key:
(HB = House Bill, SB = Senate Bill)
(LOB = Legislative Office Building, SH = State House)
(OTP = Ought To Pass, ILT = Inexpedient to Legislate)


Judiciary - Tuesday, March 17, 11am, LOB 208 (Continuation dates are set for 3/18 & 3/19 at 11AM if needed)

HB 436 -Legalizing Genderless/Same-sex Marriage
HB 415 - Adding "Gender Expression" to the anti-discrimination laws, ie: The Bathroom Bill (See the article in the Union Leader HERE
HB 304 - Legalizing Doctor-Assisted Suicide
HB 531 - Requiring Parental Notification prior to a Minor seeking an abortion

Though this is not a public hearing, members of the public are encouraged to attend to voting session.

CPR-Action Director, Kevin Smith, will be blogging live from the votes via the Cornerstone Facebook page. If you haven't signed-up yet, you can do so HERE

Don't think men will be allowed to use women's facilities if The Bathroom Bill passes? Read where it has already happened (at a woman'sfitting room in K-Mart)in Philadelphia, which has passed a similar law. Read the articlewritten inthe Philadelphia Gay News HERE

If you have not written you Representatives on these issues yet, please take a moment to do so HERE

Ways and Means - Wednesday, March 18, 9AM, LOB 202

CACR1 - Provides that all revenue raised by an Income Tax would be used to support public education. CPR-A opposes this legislation.

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