CEI - Obama's Change of Heart on Earmarks

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President Obama's campaign centered on a promise of change, but we've seen no fundamental change in Washington since he took office. If anything has changed, it's the rate at which government spends our hard-earned dollars.

Yet, even critics of Mr. Obama's spending bills hoped he might bring an end to Congress's rampant abuse of earmarking. But the omnibus spending bill that Mr. Obama recently signed into law, contained nearly 9,000 earmarks. That's 25 pork-laden, special projects for each and every member of Congress.


The President has tried to defend his decision, noting "I am signing an imperfect omnibus bill because it is necessary for the ongoing functions of government." To claim that this incredibly irresponsible decision is somehow in the best interest of the country is the height of political doublespeak.


Mr. Obama even had the audacity to claim, "I also view this as a departure point for more far reaching change."


Real change could happen through using veto power to discipline Congress, demanding that the federal government cut wasteful spending while so many families are cutting their budgets. But Mr. Obama seems to be following the lead of his predecessor, letting his veto pen gather dust in the face of mounting deficits and an out-of-control Congress.


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