NetRight Daily: Government Harm, Credit Cancer and More!

Peter Leeson: Government Harms the Private Sector: Economist, Dr. Pete Leeson, discusses how the Government can only do harm to the Private sector when it takes money from there for bailouts. Be sure to check out this and the Facebook group.


NetRight Nation Event: This Wednesday, NetRight Nation will be hosting an exclusive event in D.C.. If you are in town and able to make it be sure to RSVP to \n This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Space is extremely limited and there may be a few more "special" guests coming.


Credit Card Cancer: This week, with his pronouncement that “credit is the lifeblood of a healthy economy,” President Obama reiterated what has been one of his most common themes in diagnosing our economic problem.


20/20 Specials on Bailouts and Bull: Originaly aired March 13, 2009. Whether the government should fix the economy; the attainability of the American Dream; a proposal for universal pre-kindergarten; fencing in the U.S. border; increasing traffic and killer commutes; medical marijuana.


Can President Get Job Done?: The furor over the huge federal spending under President Obama - a $1.75 trillion deficit, 13 percent - obscures an even more basic question: Does he know what he is doing?


So This Is Saving The Economy?: What is it going to take to discredit the "Economic Fine Tuning Crowd" so that they will take a break from their massive intervention in the not so free markets in order that a recovery might actually get underway? How is it that there are still people who believe in the ability of the government to "Fix" the economy?


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