Jeb Bradley For State Senate - It's Official

Dear Friends,


Today I announced that I am running for the District 3 State Senate seat. I'm running because I believe now more than ever, the budgeting decisions we make today will affect our way of life.


I have lived in the Lakes Region for most of my life and have always enjoyed our beautiful lakes and mountains. Raising taxes, like rooms and meals tax, will harm the tourism industry -- the lifeblood of small businesses in the Lakes Region and Mt. Washington Valley.


Our friends and families are struggling - many have lost their jobs and can't afford to pay their bills. While New Hampshire citizens have tightened their belts and made painful decisions, state government spending grew by 17%. Now with the faltering economy and shrinking revenues, our state must make difficult budget decisions.


We can't shift costs from the state to property taxpayers. Rather it is time to reduce unnecessary spending by prioritizing the services and programs necessary for our friends in need, while making sure we don't keep raising spending to levels we can't afford. Creating jobs in New Hampshire and getting people back to work means not raising taxes on businesses and means no sales or income tax...ever!


On April 21st, there will be a special election for the District 3 Senate seat. The Democrats want to win so that they can increase their majority in the Senate. We need to show them this isn't going to happen and that struggling families don't want more state spending and more taxes.


We don't have much time, so please join my team today. We need your contributions (click here), and we need LOTS of volunteers. Help us today by signing up (click here) to phone bank, to walk door to door, and to get a lawn sign.


And as always, many thanks for your help!


Jeb Bradley