SEIU - 10,000 Take Part in Coast-to Coast Protests at Major US Banks

Granite Staters Protest at Bank of America Locations Across the State,

Call on Congress to Help Build an Economy That Works for Everyone


CONCORD, NH - Today, more than 10,000 working people in cities nationwide held protests outside the offices of major banks across the country to express growing frustration with an economy weakened by years of corporate excess at the expense of broader prosperity.


In cities across New Hampshire, over 100 people participated in a dozen “It’s GREED, Not Luck” protests at Bank of America locations across the state. They held signs and handed out gold chocolate coins to passersby with a message for Congress: we need an economy that works for everyone, not just the CEOs.


“Bank of America and these other Big Banks are especially responsible for the economic mess we’re in,” said protester Wayne Alterisio. “Their corporate greed has enriched the CEOs and driven workers and consumers further into debt. It’s time for Congress to step in and get the economy working for all of us again.”


Since last fall, Bank of America has taken $45 billion in taxpayer bailout funds, but plans to layoff 30,000 to 35,000 workers, has awarded $5.2 million in corporate bonuses, and continues to charge consumers some of the highest fees in the industry. The bank’s CEO, Ken Lewis, makes $4,800 an hour while paying his workers $10.50 an hour, and leaving taxpayers with a $50 million a year tab for employee health care costs.


Protesters challenged Congress to take immediate steps to rebuild an economy that works for everyone by passing:

\241P The Employee Free Choice Act so workers have the freedom to form unions for a voice to share in the economic progress they help create.

\241P President Obama’s Budget to invest in making quality, affordable health care for all a reality.

\241P Strong banking reform to make sure the financial services industry can never again bring our economy down by prioritizing huge profits and executive pay over responsible lending, or by preying on consumers, gambling with families’ hard-earned money, and hiding their dealings.


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