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[VIDEO]--Obama on Earmarks and Pork-Barrel Spending



[VIDEO]--Barack Obama v. Warren Buffett on the Economy



[VIDEO]--Cooler Heads Coalition Briefing by Dr. David Evans and Joanne Nova



>>Shaping the Debate

Global Warming: The Backlash Begins

Iain Murray featured in The DC Examiner



Take the pressure off

Wayne Crews featured in The Washington Times



Needle and the Damage Done

Greg Conko featured in Reason




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The AIG Tax Trojan Horse

by John Berlau

"The massive tax hike being voted on in the House today is a Trojan horse that uses the legitimate outrage over the American Interntaional Group bonuses to hit a wide variety of employees, and would be a serious blow to the economic growth we are trying to revive."



CO2 regulation under the Clean Air Act: Economic Train Wreck, Constitutional Crisis, Legislative Thuggery

by Marlo Lewis

"There are three main risks (indicated in the title of this post). Litigation-driven regulation of CO2 under the CAA couldblock development and new construction, create a Kyoto-on-Steroids regulatory regime never approved or even voted on by Congress, andempower the greenhouse lobby to extort industry support for cap-and-trade legislation in return for dubious promises of 'regulatory certainty.'”



A Global Green New Deal - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

by Iain Murray

"Ah, the 'unnoticable' tax - the revenue stream with no consequences, the Holy Grail of socialists and their fellow travelers. While perhaps not noticable at the gas pump, such a tax would be noticable at the aggregate level of the economy. But why worry about a few jobs lost there, a few families forced into poverty here? It all leads to a much better world in terms of renewable energy, no? Well, no."


NYT soft-balls trade protectionism

by Fran Smith

"Don’t think the Mexican government sees the trucking issue as a “minor” one. After all, it represents a violation of NAFTA provisions. And it’s likely to be hard to fix. Trade unions . . . provided strong support in the 2008 elections for Democrats, including Obama, for their anti-trade, anti-globalization stances. The Democratic majority isn’t likely to take the unions on — unless President Obama makes it a priority."



Bailouts for Liars, Illegal Aliens, and Undeserved Bonuses

by Hans Bader

"Insurance giant AIG, bailed out by taxpayers for $170 billion, is using taxpayer money to pay executives who brought it to the brink of collapse hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses! (AIG may have hoped its donations to liberal politicians, such as $103,100 to Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) in 2008 alone, would shield it from scrutiny)."



Carbon tariffs quid pro quo?

by Fran Smith

"Just as the World Bank put out a report on increased trade protectionism in the world, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu came out in favor of using carbon tariffs as a “weapon” against countries that aren’t taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions and as a way to protect U.S. manufacturers."



Postmodern Union-on-Union Fight

by Ivan Osorio

"The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is being denounced by a group of its own employees for doing, well, nothing wrong or illegal, but something that SEIU wants to keep businesses it unionizes from doing: laying off staff and contracting out some operations."



Carbon mitigation schemes are inherently protectionist

by Marlo Lewis

"We should all remember that carbon tariffs are no mere quirk of this or that administration, political party, or government agency. Protectionism is an inherent feature of carbon suppression policies, for threereasons:"





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Episode 34: Michelle Minton Conquers the World

We begin by finding that Twitter has conquered every aspect of society, the White House is waging war on the economy and New Yorkers are defending themselves against beer taxes. We next investigate the questionable management of the AIG bailout in Scandal Watch and handicap Chicago’s chances for snagging the 2016 summer games in Olympic News.



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