NetRight Daily: The Fed, Kelo and Obama's Teleprompter

The Secretary of the Fed: In case there was any residual doubt, the Bernanke Fed threw itself all in this week to unlock financial markets and spur the economy.


Kelo v. City of New London: Great video from Cato on the Kelo Supreme Court decision.


Andrew Breitbart at NetRight Nation Event: Videos from the Andrew Breitbart NetRight Nation event on Wednesday night. For those who made it out, we hope you had a great time!


Obama's Spoiled Red Herring: This week, the President waxed highly indignant that American International Group (AIG), Inc. gave out some $165 million in contractual bonuses after receiving more than one-thousand times that amount, some $173 billion, in taxpayer-guaranteed bailouts.


Today's cartoon is from the post, Obama's Teleprompter is a Tax Cheat.


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