Statement by Mayor Frank Guinta regarding City of Concord v. William M. Gardner, Secretary of State, et al order

MANCHESTER (March 20, 2009)Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta made the following statement regarding the Merrimack County Superior Court’s decision in the Community City of Concord v. William M. Gardner, Secretary of State, et al case:


“First, I want to make it clear to the residents of Manchester that have supported this effort that this ruling does not affect the November 2009 ballot initiative. This ruling affects only the City of Concord’s cap. In addition, the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition has stated that it will appeal the decision, so I believe that, until the New Hampshire Supreme Court makes its own ruling on the case, this had no bearing on the City of Manchester.


“New Hampshire has seen spending caps in the state for more than 20 years and, for an increasing number of communities, a way to give citizens more control over their budgets. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Revenue Administration, and the Secretary of State’s Office have signed off on specific spending cap language, which adhere to the legal concerns of each agency.


“I am confident that the Supreme Court will restore the rights of Concord residents to vote on a spending cap in November. More importantly, I am confident that a favorable Supreme Court ruling will re-affirm what thousands of Manchester residents of all parts of the political spectrum already know, that a spending cap is an effective and legal means to be a check on elected officials and their ability to spend taxpayer dollars.”