NetRight Daily: Geithner, Stimulus and Earmarks

Another Geithner Plan: This time, the plan comes straight from Geithner. Here is what he wrote today on what he plans to do, and we did not edit this. Check it out.


Conservatives Just "Don't Get It": When it comes to New Media and Social Networking, everyone says that Conservatives/Libertarians are behind. What if everyone who thought that was wrong?


Why We Don't Want the Stimulus: Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) discusses why he does not want the "Stimulus" money coming in to South Carolina.


A Thought on Earmarks: Because of branding problems, earmarks have been treated as reckless spending. In fact, earmarks should be characterized as a way to track government spending and as a way to identify the reckless spending. Earmarks actually worked in the case of the "Bridge to Nowhere"!


The B-Virus: The bailouts of 2008-09 fit the paradigm almost perfectly: government crossed the financial Rubicon and opened up government assistance to Wall Street in March 2008 in light of the failure of the mortgage “industry.” And soon, the bailouts spread from one institution to the next, turning each into zombie firms.


Today's cartoon comes from the post, Fundamentals are Strong!


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