Daily Grind: "What Big Government You Have..."

“What Big Government You Have...”
The Treasury is ready to devour insurers, investment firms, hedge funds, and other entities on Wall Street.


Editorial: Senate Should Affirm the Foxx Amendment
One brave Congresswoman is waging war against corrupt not-for-profit organizations.


An Alternative Look at Executive Bonuses
If the government cannot be trusted to carry out its end of the bargain, financial institutions can always refuse to deal with it.


No Constitutional Authority
Congresswoman Bachmann catches Geithner and Bernanke off-guard when she asks them to cite their constitutional authority.

ALG Editor's Note: As ALG News has previously reported, the Treasury, Federal Reserve, FDIC, and other agencies have no constitutional authority to hand out the trillions of dollars of bailouts that are bankrupting the nation. And finally, it appears Congress is ready to hold the heads of these entities accountable for their violations of the supreme law of the land. When Congresswoman Michele Bachmann asked Treasury head Timothy Geithner and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to cite what part of the Constitution gave them authority to give bailouts, they could not answer: