NetRight Daily - Fear and Loathing in the Oval Office

Geithner Unveiling Regulatory Agenda: The Obama administration is proposing an extensive overhaul of financial regulations in an effort to prevent a repeat of the banking crisis last fall that toppled once-mighty institutions and wiped out trillions of dollars in investor wealth.


GIVE Act/Serve America Act: One of these two scenarios is going to unfold. The Senate would adopt the Mikulski amended version of the bill. After that, it will go to conference where the Foxx amendment will most likely be struck...


We Need More Like This...: Imagine if there were a bunch of people like this in Congress? Only a dream I guess...


Watching the Trillions Pile Up: With another $2 trillion in federal interventionism announced within the last week alone, the price tag for America's economic “recovery” continues to soar to stratospheric, scarcely-comprehensible heights.


Fear and Loathing in the Oval Office: Act now or the country is doomed. Spend now or the economy will immediately spiral into an irreversible apocalyptic ruin.


Today's cartoon comes from the post, "What Big Government You Have...".


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