NHGOP - Democrats Already Predicting Lynch Same-Sex Marriage Flip-Flop

After Lynch Fails To Threaten A Veto Of Same-Sex Marriage Legislation, Liberals Already Declaring That He Lacks “The Political Space To Veto It”




Democrats Are Predicting That Governor Lynch Lacks The Backbone To Veto The Same-Sex Marriage Bill:


  • Blue Hampshire: “[H]ere’s my own prediction. If the Governor can’t find a way to bully the Senate Dems into voting this down, he will lack the political space to veto it.” (Dean Barker, 3/26/09)



The Predictions Come After Governor Lynch Failed To “Specifically Say That He Would Veto” Legislation That Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage:


  • Associated Press: “The bill, which passed the House 186-179, next goes to the Senate, where its future is uncertain. Democratic Gov. John Lynch opposes gay marriage but has not said specifically that he would veto it...” (3/26/09)



But Governor Lynch Has Repeatedly Pledged To Oppose Same-Sex Marriage During His 2004, 2006 And 2008 Campaigns:


  • Concord Monitor: “Lynch replied that he, too, thinks marriage is between a man and a woman.” (10/19/04)


  • Concord Monitor: “Lynch said he opposes gay marriage...” (10/27/06)


  • Portsmouth Herald: “Gov. John Lynch reaffirmed his opposition to gay marriage.... ‘Marriage is going to continue as it has.’” (4/27/07)