CEI Weekly: Human Achievement Hour

Participate in Human Achievement Hour

>>Saturday, March 28th 8:30pm - 9:30pm

Join us this Saturday between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm to celebrate the accomplishments of the human race by doing things like eating dinner, watching television, going to the movies, and brushingyour teeth. Human Achievement Hour coincides with Earth Hour, when governments, individuals, and corporations have agreed to dim or shut off lights in an effort to draw attention to climate change.


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>>New Studies

Card Check Double Standard--Unions’ Hypocrisy on the Secret Ballot

By F. Vincent Vernuccio



The Employee Free Choice Act Is Anything But--A Comparison of Labor Organizing Today vs. under EFCA

by Ivan Osorio and Russ Brown


>>Shaping the Debate

This ‘Earth Hour,’ leave the lights on

Michelle Minton featured in The National Post


Cap-and-Trade’s Economic Impact

William Yeatman featured in The Council on Foreign Relations



Mr. President, End this Farm Subsidy Boondoggle

Amanda France featured in TCS Daily



>>Best of the Blogs

Toxic Asset Rip-Off

by Hans Bader

"That’s how analysts describe the trillion-dollar toxic-asset buy-up program proposed this weekend by the Obama Administration . . . It’s not even clear that all these bailouts are needed. As William Seidman, the banking official who helped clean up the S&L Crisis as head of the RTC, notes, the government’s $170 billion AIG bailout was absurdly expensive and wasteful."



Can he terminate protectionism?

By Fran Smith

" California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger . . . wrote to members of the California Congressional Delegation . . .where he urged them to restore the pilot Mexican trucking program to avert trade retaliation. Schwarzenegger pointed out how Congress’ termination of the program will hurt the economy and jobs, particularly in California."



Geithner Seeks More Power to Ruin Our Economy

by Hans Bader

"Back in the 1990’s, Geithner, working with the IMF, destroyed Indonesia’s economy, by prescribing disastrous economic policies. The result was massive increases in child malnutrition, riots, and mushrooming poverty, in a major country that once boasted annual economic growth rates of 7 percent. Australia’s long-time Prime Minister Paul Keating has chronicled Geithner’s central role in this disaster repeatedly, but to no avail."



Post-Modern Food Fetish

by Greg Conko

"I got a good laugh reading this Slate article last night about the First Family’s new vegetable garden on the White House lawn. What struck me most was the article’s sub-title: 'Of all the reasons to plant a garden, free food may be the worst.'"



Alarmists turn blind eye to global warming benefits–again

by Marlo Lewis

"Now, opening up”previously inaccessible” areastooil and gas developmentcould also be a font of economic and national securitybenefits. One thing we know for sureaboutArctic mineral resources–they aren’t ownedby Saudi Arabia, Iran, or Venezuela, and never will be controlled by OPEC . . . But Gorethodoxy demands blind obedienceby its votaries. Discussing the potential benefits of global warming is strictly verboten."




>>CEI in the News

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Daily Mail Blogs--Michelle Minton





Episode 35: Dodd Man Out?

We begin with a celebration of human achievement and a peek into the realm of secret government documents. We then investigate how the White House is going to waste another $1 trillion of your money and how the British beer tax has managed to kill off 20,000 jobs. Finally we focus on the history of the scandal-addled Sen. Dodd of Connecticut and the future of U.S. Olympic glory.



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