Daily Grind: Anatomy of a Scam

ALG Editor's Alert: As ALG News has been reporting, the Obama cabinet and sub-cabinet-level appointments are becoming increasingly controversial. Now, what some may see as an effort to deflect some of the controversy, the vaunted Obama White House Internet Corps has apparently decided simply not to mention the appointments at all. As of this printing, the last appointment "update" on the White House website was the selection of Judd Gregg to be the Secretary of Commerce -- six weeks ago


Anatomy of a Scam
Congress really is America's distinctly native criminal class.


Go Directly to Jail
Once nationalized, investment firms, insurers, hedge funds, and banks will find it hard to get out of government bondage.


Conquered from Within
Government, with the help of both political parties, is enslaving a nation.


New Era of Spend & Blame
“Pay no attention to my $1.8 trillion deficit; after all, I inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit!”