NH GOP - Martin Refuses to Take Stand on Major Issues

Candidate Dodges Questions About Same-Sex Marriage And Death Penalty, Praises Higher Taxes As “Collective” Community Efforts


CONCORD – In an interview with WMUR TV yesterday, Democrat State Senate candidate Willard “Bud” Martin refused to provide his positions on same-sex marriage and the death penalty and then praised higher taxes. Mr. Martin’s dodges come at a time when the State Senate is considering bills passed by the House last week that will legalize same-sex marriage and repeal the death penalty. The House is also set to vote next week on legislation that will impose a 5% capital gains tax and an 8% death tax that will devastate New Hampshire’s economy.


When asked to respond to the House’s approval of same-sex marriage and attempts to abolish capital punishment, Mr. Martin flatly refused to take a stand on the issues, instead saying that he wasn’t going to send a postcard out in advance on everything [he] was going to do,” if elected to the Senate.


“Bud Martin needs to stop dodging the issues and answer questions about his support for the radical bills coming through the legislature. Instead of reciting his carefully scripted and intentionally deceptive talking points, he needs to start being upfront and honest with the voters about his liberal agenda,” said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Communications Director Ryan Williams.


Mr. Martin also praised higher taxes, calling them “collective” community efforts by citizens. He lamented that the word “taxes” has become what he called a “pejorative term.”


“Mr. Martin’s views on taxes show how out of touch he is with the values and concerns of District 3. He obviously doesn’t understand that during these tough economic times the last thing we should do is raise taxes. Working families simply can’t afford Bud Martin’s disastrous ‘tax and spend’ agenda.” concluded Williams.






On WMUR’S Close Up This Weekend, Democrat State Senate Candidate Willard “Bud” Martin Refused To Answer Questions About His Position On Same-Sex Marriage And The Death Penalty:


Sean McDonald: Let me get your reaction this week to the House saying no to the death penalty, wanting to repeal that and saying yes to gay marriage. These are possible issues that you might face if you are selected for the senate. Give me your take on these things.


Willard “Bud” Martin: Here’s my take on that Sean. It’s very important that the voters know that they are sending somebody down who is going to listen and be accessible and then really do the responsible thing in a focused way and on these very important issues to the constituents out there, that’s my pledge. I’m not going to send out a postcard in advance on everything I am going to do, because that’s presumptuous. How should I make a decision on these critical issues without hearing from everybody. So we will have a hearing process - hearing rooms.





Mr. Martin Also Praised Taxes As “Collective” Community Efforts And Lamented That The Word “Taxes” Has Become A “Pejorative Term”:


Sean McDonald: Let me get a reaction on a quote from you “Its misleading to ask if you are for or against a tax. The correct question is how do we fairly pay for our reasonable services for our citizens.”


Willard “Bud” Martin: I mean that, to frame a question to a political or a governmental leader, are you for this tax or are you against this tax, gets the cart before the horse. The first question is do we want to fix the potholes? Do we want to take care of our bridges so they are safe? And if we do, at what level do we want to do that? And then how do we fairly pay for that? Taxes has become a pejorative term. We all pay for what we feel we need in one way or another. Taxes is just a term that we use when we collectively get together and say you know what? We are going to get together and do something about the potholes, we are going to do something about the lack of mental health treatment out in the field, and that’s where I am coming from.