FSP - Liberty Forum starts this Thursday

The 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum

"Many Paths to Liberty"


Thursday March 5 to Sunday March 8, 2009 in Nashua, New Hampshire



The Free State Projects' third annual Liberty Forum is coming up soon. All local, regional, and national media is invited to cover the event.


Activities start on Thursday with a training lesson for those interested at Wilson Hill pistol club, followed by a field trip to the NH State House in Concord. In the evening will be an opening reception featuring live comedy and presentations.


The main body of the conference, Friday to Sunday, will have multiple speaker tracks on topics ranging from education reform, to the second amendment, to drug policy to taxation. Many nationally recognized speakers will be there. The full list is at http://www.freestateproject.org/libertyforum


Friday's dinner keynote speaker is Dr. Mary Ruwart, author of "Healing our World" and ap2008 Libertarian Party presidential contender.


Saturday's keynote speaker is Richard "Dick" Heller, who brought suit against Washington D.C. and successfully overturned the ban on handguns and affirmed that gun ownership is an individual right.


Sunday's closing speaker is Stefan Molyneux, blogger, essayist, author, and host of the Freedomain Radio podcast. This will be his first public presentation in decades.