Don't Go Movement - Portsmouth Tea Company to Donate Tea

NATIONAL- On April 15th the DontGo Movement ( in collaboration with Michelle Malkin, Top Conservatives on Twitter, and Smart Girl Politics will be hosting Tax Day Tea Parties in every state in America. For the Tea Parties, the Portsmouth Tea Company ( will be donating one pound for every participating state. They will be providing tea similar to what was used at the 1773 Boston Tea Party.


President of the Portsmouth Tea Company, Marshall Malone, says, “It’s an honor to aid in the revival of liberty – fighting socialism rather than imperialism. The number of lives impacted is greater than our founding fathers ever imagined.We will choose our own stimulus package and offer $2 shipping until tax day.”


Communications Director Juliana Johnsons, “This highlights how many people are getting involved. We are so thankful to the Portsmouth Tea Company for supporting our cause. These are small business owners, working, everyday Americans who believe in our cause. We have more than 20 states holding Tax Day Tea Parties. We are growing every day. April 15th will be something this nation hasn’t seen since 1773.


The goal of these protests is to call attention to the unprecedented wasteful spending by the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress.


Information on the Tax Day Tea Party can be found at