Poetry Society of New Hampshire, The Kalevala - From Myth to Marimekko

Recently, I sent your paper a press release about an event that will be hosted by the Poetry Society of New Hampshire, The Kalevala - From Myth to Marimekko. I wanted to follow that press release with additional information you may find of interest, and also provide you with a pdf of a flier (attached) for that event.


Immigration from Finland to the United States peaked between 1899 and WW I. In the 2000 US census over 600,000 Americans claimed Finnish ancestry. Most of these are in the upper mid-west, but several towns in New Hampshire also have more than 1000 people and more than 5% of the population claiming Finnish ancestry. These towns are: New Ipswich, Rindge and Troy.

What else to expect at the all day conference, The Kalevala, From Myth to Marimekko:
We will serve runeberg tarts, a yummy Finnish pastry, as part of the refreshments, along with fruits, cheese and canapes

We will display some of the 26 yards of fabric Marimekko sent from Finland
We will have a raffle (entry fee will be a completed evaluation form of the Kalevala program) with two winners getting two tickets each to the Rochester Opera house performance of Animal Farm by Playwright and Emmy nominated puppeteer Andrew Periale. In this production, scheduled for May 26th, 27th and 28th, live actors and puppets will bring George Orwell’s classic barnyard fable to life.