CAACP - N.W.O. for Dummies Video

For those of you awake and aware of the New World Order charter with globalization,this is an excellent video you may want to forward to those who haven't quite figured out what's really going on. At least ifsheeple are going to do nothing about it, they'll at least know WHY their letting themselves get screwed.



New World Order for Dummies Video:



New Updates:

* BOYCOTT: Politically correctNew dollar coin that omits "In God We Trust"!!

* E-mailW. VA. House Rep.jeffeldridge96@yahoo.comto stop retarded HB 2918 Barbie Doll Ban Law !!

* Book Now for N.H. National annual NH Live Free or Die Rally. Info: !!

* Vote all NH House Reps. out of office that violate the Constitution !!


This notice forwarded courtesy of NH CAACP,