CEI Weekly: Celebrate Coal

>>Shaping the Debate

[VIDEO] Myron Ebell on Obama’s Green Energy Plan

Myron Ebell featured on Fox Buisness



[SPEECH] Threats to Our National Sovereignty

Iain Murray speech given at CPAC 2009



The Anti-Green Ecologist

Myron Ebell featured in Standpoint



The Doomsday Bias

Jeremy Lott and William Yeatman featured in The American Spectator



A Tax to Weaken America

Iain Murray featured in The DC Examiner




>>Best of the Blogs

Parallel Lies

"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been talking with President Obama this morning, and high on the agenda was the PM’s call for international banking regulation. The interesting thing is that both Obama and Brown have blamed lack of regulation for the banking crisis, when there is clear evidence on both sides of the Atlantic that it was bad and inept regulation that drove the crisis."



DC on the School Reform Front Lines, Again

"Today’s Washington Post features an editorial that strongly criticizes Congressional Democrats’ rush to kill the District of Columbia’s school voucher program, which enjoys bipartisan support in the heavily Democratic nation’s capital, and is considered a success by those whose opinion should most matter in this debate: schoolchildren and their parents."


Supreme Court Botches Preemption Case

"The Supreme Court could have and should have held in Wyeth’s favor with a narrowly tailored opinion confined to the facts of this case. Doing so would not have insulated wrong-doers from punishment, but would have recognized that Congress gave FDA statutory authority over questions of safety and efficacy because it believed that only a federal expert body could effectively balance the benefits and risks of new medicines. So, not only is the majority’s decision bad policy, it’s also bad law."



Ironic Snowfall for Resource-Rich Greenies

"Environmentalists characterize themselves as petite Davids battling gargantuan corporate Goliaths in order to grab media attention. But . . . The group had plenty of resources ranging from a raised stage with microphones, to trucks loaded with food and coffee, to green plastic helmets, all the way down to fluorescent caps and fancy colored anti-industry signs."



GM Volt may not be cost-effective for consumers, study says

"A study by Carnegie Mellon finds thatthe Chevy Volt,GM’s rechargeablebattery-driven car designed to go40 miles onelectricity, is “not cost effective in any scenario,” Bloomberg reports."



Good News: Already, Obama Is Backtracking on Climate Change

"The label reflected the reality that the U.S. will remain unwilling to put its economy at a competitive disadvantage by signing an international treaty to fight the supposed threat of climate change, no matter what kind of “hope” and “change” Obama brings to Washington. Recent evidence suggests I was right."




>>CEI in the News

USA Today -- Myron Ebell



ABC News -- Eli Lehrer



The Hill -- Myron Ebell



Business Week -- Iain Murray



CNN Anderson Cooper 360 -- Iain Murray



AM Best Online -- Eli Lehrer





Episode 32: FCC Don’t Tread on Me

We start by looking into the possible future of the Federal Communications Commission with nominee Julius Genachowski about to ascend to the chairmanship, and then take another stroll through the New Great Depression with high-level financial talks between unpopular British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and über-popular President Barack Obama. Oregonian brewers fight a proposed fifteen cents a pint tax in Beer News, and the Lady Madoff tries to stash away tens of millions from the feds in this edition of Scandal Watch. We hit our stride with an interview with CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman and his tales of the icy global warming rally staged earlier this week here in Washington, D.C. Finally, a little belt-tightening Olympic News from the USOC.



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