CHQ - Tell Michael Steele and GOP Leaders: "Stop Attacking Conservatives!"

Dear Fellow Conservative:

Please take a moment to send a FAXGRAM message to the new Chairman of the Republican Party and the GOP leadership in Congress.

In summary, your message will say:

"Stop attacking and distancing yourself from Rush Limbaugh. And start focusing on stopping President Obama and the liberal Democrats from bringing Socialism to America."

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You probably heard the recent news about how the new Chairman of the National Republican Party, Michael Steele, in a CNN interview called Rush Limbaugh's comments about President Obama "ugly" and dismissing Rush an "entertainer."

Mr. Steele has since apologized for his remarks after his comments generated an enormous backlash from rank-and-file donors to the GOP.

But that's not good enough.

Mr. Steele's comments reflect a broader problem with the current Republican Party Leadership that has brought the GOP to its current state of collapse - and that's the abandonment of conservative principles in an effort to gain favor with the liberal media.

The Republican Party does well when it stands for conservative principles.

Example: The great Ronald Reagan.

Conservatives win elections when the sound and act like President Reagan.

Examples: Both George Bushes campaigned as conservatives (but unfortunately governed as big-spending liberals).

John McCain was running ahead of Barack Obama in the polls until he came out for the TRILLION-DOLLAR BAILOUT in September.

Right after that, support for McCain collapsed.

Republicans win when the talk and act like Ronald Reagan.

Republicans win when they talk and act like conservatives.

Republicans lose when they talk and act like big spending, big government liberals.

Republicans lose when they attack conservatives.

Rush Limbaugh is the clear leader of the conservative movement in America today.

Rush Limbaugh has tens of millions of loyal listeners and fans.

Rush Limbuaugh is the #1 radio show in America because tens of millions of Americans agree with his clear conservative message.

Rush Limbaugh's radio show is gaining strength because he is the loudest and clearest voice in America attacking President Obama's Socialist Agenda for America.

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The GOP leadership should learn from Rush Limbaugh rather than try to gain applause from liberals by attacking him.

The GOP needs to get back to Ronald Reagan's conservative basics and values.

We need smaller government and lower taxes - not more attacks on conservative leaders.

Above all, we need the GOP to take a stand against President Obama's commitment to impose Socialism on America before the American people can figure out what's happened to our great country.

We don't need a GOP that worries what the liberal news media thinks of us.

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These FAXGRAM campaigns we've done before really do have an impact - and have been known to keep fax machines in Congress running non-stop 24/7 for weeks.

I assure you, this really gets a politician's attention.

Now is a great "teaching moment" for the GOP leadership.

Politicians in Washington tend to learn (at least for a little while) when they hear a massive backlash from the grassroots.

Now is the time for conservatives across America to send a message to the national GOP leadership to stop trying to win applause from liberals - and start standing up to the Obama Socialist Agenda.

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