- Congresswoman Bachmann Responds to Big Government Spend-a-thon

Congresswoman Bachmann Responds to Big Government Spend-a-thon

Since the inauguration of President Obama, our country has embarked on a big money, big government spend-a-thon. After passing a $1.1-trillion-plus economic “stimulus” package and a $275-billion plan to address perhaps 9 million American mortgages, Washington’s recent big dollar accomplishment was an appropriations omnibus that represents the largest discretionary spending increase, aside from legislation after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, since the Carter Administration. And yet President Obama has repeatedly expressed a desire to pass fiscally responsible legislation and significantly reduce the deficit.

He can’t have it both ways.

If we look back on the last 19 months, you’ll find that the U.S. government has pledged more than $11.6 trillion on behalf of American taxpayers to dig our nation out of our economic woes – and that’s not counting the $410-billion omnibus the Senate is sorting out right now.

And now, the President has released his budget for fiscal year 2010 that not only raises taxes, but grows government to new and unheard of heights. President Obama's budget includes nearly $1 trillion just in new health care spending and proposes to pay for it with an economy-crippling energy tax that will cost the average family about $4000 more a year. Our government is like a runaway train that’s speeding down the tracks, barreling through any supposed notion of fiscal responsibility.

Washington is asking Americans to bear down and make sacrifices as our country finds its way out of our economic rut, and Washington would be wise to heed that advice and do the same. If you've cut back your spending, it's only fair that we cut back ours. Taxpayers are struggling enough in this weakened economy and it is time Congress started to show respect for the American people and stop increasing the weight of their financial burdens. The spending spree has to stop.