CEI Weekly: Spending Like Herbert Hoover

>>New Study

Pharmaceutical Evolution--The Advantages of Incremental Innovation in Drug Development

by Albert I. Wertheimer andThomas M. Santella




>>Regulatory Comments

CEI Comment on EPA’s Reconsideration of California’s Request for a Waiver to Establish Emission Standards for new Motor Vehicles




>>Building Coalitions

Letter to Senators Dodd and Shelby, and Congressmen Frank and Bachus regarding National Regulatory Modernization




>>Shaping the Debate

[VIDEO] Sam Kazman on GM and the Auto Bailout

Sam Kazman featured on Fox Business



[VIDEO] Myron Ebell on Cap and Trade

Myron Ebell featured on Planet Green


Government's Mistakes Have Deepened This Recession

Fred Smith featured in The Wall Street Journal



The Late Jack Dreyfus Really Roared

John Berlau featured in Investor’s Business Daily



Hoover's Deficit Spending

Hans Bader featured in The Washington Post



Now banned on campus: bottled water

Angela Logomasini andCharles Huang featured in The Union Leaer




>>Best of the Blogs

Ideologies Are Like Cults

by Hans Bader

"When oints out that Hoover was a deficit-spender, liberal ideologues falsely claim in response that Hoover pushed for a balanced budget. Nothing supports those claims. But they are necessary to argue that deficit-spending is a miracle cure for the recession — and to defend Obama’s unprecedentedly-large deficits from criticism by economists and financial experts."



Rise of the Luddites

by Fred Smith

"When it comes to things such as environmental policy, the Progressives have been rather successful at promoting their world view. They realized that it would be futile to argue that property rights and human ingenuity could not solve anything - so they did not try (immediately) to socialize oil or other sub-surface minerals but they did succeed in derailing the evolutionary process by which institutions emerged to resolve emerging problems."


Enough Water?

by Angela Logomasini

"Water shortages can be a problem in certain areas. But problems usually result from government ownership and mismanagement, including from subsidies mostly to large, politically organized users—particularly agriculture. We need market-based systems to these manage resources. There is no reason to stop using them altogether, particularly where they are plentiful."



Baptist-Bootlegger Alliance on Tobacco

by Hans Bader

"today’s Washington Examiner, Tim Carney has an excellent column on how the bill to place tobacco under FDA regulation would reduce competition in the tobacco industry and enrich the biggest company — Philip Morris — at the expense of consumers and competitors alike."



CBO catches up with CEI on ethanol

by Fran Smith

"Well. The Congressional Budget Office has finally caught up with what CEI has been saying for years – misguided ethanol policies cause higher food prices without providing significant environmental benefits."




>>CEI in the News

Financial Times--Michelle Minton


Washington Times--Myron Ebell and Iain Murray



Rational Review--Eli Lehrer



Florida Times Union--Eli Lehrer



Reactions Magazine--Eli Lehrer



RBC Dain Raushcer--Eli Lehrer





Episode 37: Slicin’ and Dyson

We start off with a profile of visionary physicist and global warming skeptic Freeman Dyson, then spend some time WILBing around to improve our productivity at the office, and move on to sixteen full ounces of barkeeper honesty. Finally we take a look at the Chicago factor in Olympic News.




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