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Card Check Stalls: The spectacularly misnamed Employee Free Choice Act looked to be cruising toward a victory in the U.S. Senate until Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) had an epiphany.

Obama May Shut Down the Internet: Civil libertarians were aghast when news leaked in 2002 of a Pentagon research program designed to give national security officials advance warning of terrorists attacks by analyzing trillions of bytes ofcomputer data in search of tell-tale activities in everyday life.

The Battle for Your Mind: We are at war. The battlefield is your mind. There is one objective: Gain access to, convert, and control your thinking. Everyday, in the name of diversity and tolerance humanists, anti-religious fanatics, Immoral, psychopathic and God hating change-agents erode and systematically undermine the moral fabric of America. What you are experiencing is the mental/emotional equivalent of H.G. Wells “War of The Worlds.”

The Fall of the Gubercentric Model: So it is today with Keynes' gubercentric model, where wealth can literally be generated by the public treasury. Through the manipulation of interest rates, and through fiscal and monetary stimulus, government can “correct” the economy by increasing overall spending and reducing savings.

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