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Another Shoe Drops: There is no doubt that the bank bailout was mismanaged. Now it's time to buckle up for a government run on the insurance industry.

Card Check Hurts Employers: Costly penalties authorized by the proposed Employee Free Choice Act against companies but not organized labor would harm workers' free speech rights and stifle workplace debate on union issues, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other opponents of the bill.

Helicopter Money to the Rescue: Eminent economist Milton Friedman once envisioned “helicopter money” as currency dropped out of a helicopter to increase a community's money supply. Friedman stated that the effect would be nothing other than inflationary.

Sorry Mr. Obama, But Nobody lives Forever: Barack Obama's obsessive utopianism notwithstanding, no amount of socialized medicine is going to transform the United States into Shangri-La. In fact, the truth be known, Mr. Obama's recently announced socialist schemes may not only do nothing to extend the actuarial charts, they may for many actually hasten the arrival of the Grim Reaper—and make the cost of dying far more expensive for all.

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